Thursday, April 12, 2018

DMM: That’s not a knife!

Dialogue from film Crocodile Dundee:

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Crocodile Dundee

Sue Charlton: Mick, give him your wallet.
Michael J. "Crocodile" Dundee: What for?
Sue Charlton: He's got a knife.
Michael J. "Crocodile" Dundee[chuckling] That's not a knife. [draws a large Bowie knife] That's a knife.
[Dundee slashes the teen mugger's jacket. He and his friends run away]
Michael J. "Crocodile" Dundee: Just kids having fun. You alright?
Sue Charlton: I'm always all right when I'm with you Dundee.

Extraordinary Prayer

When it comes to Disciple Making Movements (DMM), it goes without saying, but I shall it anyways, one must be vitally connected to the Father. The need to be dependent upon the Holy Spirit to do the Father’s bidding in and through us, is the opportunity to increase in our view of God’s faithfulness to bring the desired “much fruit”. Casting our nets, while trusting in His power to draw men to Himself is the “big knife” which divides rightly between that which is effective and that which is not.

Listening Prayer is one piece of the process of what it is to cultivate extraordinary prayer as lifestyled norm. The following is one sample of listening prayer in dialogue form with the Father.

2 Chronicles 14:11

11 And Asa cried to the Lord his God, “O Lord, there is none like you to help, between the mighty and the weak. Help us, O Lord our God, for we rely on you, and in your name we have come against this multitude. O Lord, you are our God; let not man prevail against you.”

Me: This story strikes me deeply this morning, ABBA.
God: Yes, I caught your attention didn’t I, dear daughter of mine.
Me: It strikes me that the ONE BIG THING (OBT, as some dear friends call this) came into play in my tiredness. And then, I read this passage. Humm…
What do you want me to catch from this amazing story?
God: Look at my servant Asa. Peace and ten years calm he enjoyed in his period of reign. He loved Me and did what I bid. He was faithful to tear down the altars. He tore down that which attempted to set itself up against the knowledge and glory of My name. He took out the high places. Then, as He walked in uprightness I gave the kingdom of Judah great years of peace. During this time they built fortified cities. They were not idle in their peace. They were faithful in their prep.
Me: Yes, then the next battle seemed somewhat insurmountable, didn’t it? Asa had half the army size of the attacking Ethiopians army.
God: What is it then that I am asking you to trust Me to be and do as you and Sp walk out My plans?
Me: The biggest enemy for me in recent months is doubt. Will we really see You bring a cascading movement to Christ in our UPGs?
God: Yes, I have seen that seed growing. Now, acknowledge that at the root of this you are doubting My goodness. Repent, dear daughter of mine. For I am bringing that which I have purposed for My fame and renown. You have everything you need in Me. Trust Me for other local catalysts who will be faithful to making reproducing disciples, as I have commanded you. Remember, align the sails of your masts, I Am the One who brings the winds of movement. Oh, yes, and you all are going to need bigger nets. Prepare bigger nets.
Me: Yes, I confess this to You and ask Your forgiveness for my doubt of Your goodness. Cleanse me and fill me with your Holy Spirit. 

I hear You, Father. Prepare the bigger nets.

LORD, I see how Asa interceded:

LORD                      there is none like You to help between the mighty and the weak
Help us,                      O LORD, our God, for we rely on You and
                                            in Your name we have come against this multitude
O LORD,                            You are our God: Let not man prevail against You

Thank You, ABBA, for the sweet reminders today. 

Extraordinary Prayer reminder to self:
When I become more consumed with the greatness of who God is, no enemy can prevail.

DMM: Feeling Dazed Assessment

DMM Assessment 

Awash in the vast ocean of mission field efforts, the movement mindset helps one to become more laser focused on that which God desires for His glory among the ethne.

When it comes to female missionaries, to this end, one can oft times choose to forget to remember that it is vital to the Father's heart that women are engaged in that which could help with the launch of cascading movements to Christ. 

David Watson, in his CPM blog writes...
"…Mothers establish the environment, and often the content, for worldview transmission. ..the war on terror is really a spiritual battle that can only be won by replacing the Worldview of Islam with a Biblical Worldview. The only way we are going to see terrorism end is by building relationships with Muslim families in such a way that we can share the Gospel. As the Gospel is heard and the Spirit of Christ moves, these families are changed from the inside out by their faith in Christ and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. Mothers will begin to teach their children by action and word to obey the Bible….This spiritual war will be won by Spirit-led Christians who love their neighbors as themselves, share the Gospel, make disciples, and teach them to obey—family by family, mother by mother.”

For DMM Heart and Four Fields progress assessment…

In each section, ask the Father:
Lord, what specific, measureable, and time bound steps are you asking of my heart individually? With teammates: expats and local partners?

God’s Heart Section

1. God’s glory for your target focus UPG ask God how He desires you to be involved in vision-casting for DMM in your area. What specific resources do you need to be able to do this effectively? Coaching by others? Level 1, Level 1.5, Level 2 DMM training materials?

2. End Vision for your target focus UPG-write out End Vision of what you and those on your team are collective believing God to be and do in framework of launch of DMM.

3. Extraordinary Prayer/Holy Spirit Dependence-(consider the following additional questions before the Father as well) In what ways is the Father asking to increase? Increase in time spent? Intentionality? Lifestyle intercession increase? How might you utilize the Prayer room you created in more specific ways? Who are you reproducing these creative ideas in to? How might you strengthen the corporate resource for Prayer Modules for DMM trainings (comes to mind, not limited to or even related to but thinking reproducing in even the personal times).

4. Becoming Like Jesus
In what ways is the Father inviting you to increase in your delight of times with Him? Describe what your times look like and what that would mean to grow for this season? For instance, I just am doing an assessment of common kryptonite areas where I have tendency to be vulnerable to giving some ground over to Satan’s lies: fear of my parents dying, fear of my becoming ill and dying…this was a common theme I kept embracing in the past six months and was able to recognize along the way but really had allowed these thoughts for a period to cause me to go “weak kneed rather than face down”.
Recognize where I am doubting God’s goodness
Repent of where I am doubting or have doubted God’s goodness
Renounce affects of where I doubted God’s goodness
Reclaim ground with God’s truth to replace the lies where I doubted God’s goodness
Just for example, in how you might tease out this season of growth

DMM Four Fields Section

5. Reproducing Training
Ask the Father what his heart is for regional focus for DMM trainings? Who else comes to mind who could be helped to increase their capacity to cast vision, train, and help them to coach more effectively?
Who are you taking out to practically M-E-W-L/C? (Model-Equip-Watch-Letter/Coach in DMM?)
For women? For both men and women?

6. Reproducing Fishing for Persons of Peace

Ask the Father what specific and tangible steps He is entrusting to you to take in your time on site in____________? With whom for this season? (Luke 10/Matt 10 modeling of going in two’s, with increase of intentionality)

Remember key indicators of potential persons of peace: 1. Desires spiritual truth 2. Opens their household/affinity group to discover spiritual truth (Matthew 10, Luke 10)

Three spheres of fishing:
1. List 15 present relationships you see on regular basis and fish within this pool:
What tools are your presently utilizing to fish? What other tools do you desire to be equipped and trained in?
The Big Share (whatever tool)
The Big Ask (inviting them and their households to study sentence you could use)
2. List others of those whom you see on semi-regular basis. Do likewise with assessing these relationships.
3. Ask God to give you creativity in margins needed to be intentional in fishing as you are going out about your day, as lifestyle.

7. Reproducing Discipling Oikos-Discovery Groups with DBS (reproduce)
Ask the Father who needs specific coaching to next steps… in DGs and modeling process, walking through stuck points?

Two challenging transition points:
a.      Finding the POPs and then inviting them to study in 8 DBS questions

Prophet  stories

Jesus stories

1.     What are you thankful for?
2.     What are your current challenges?
3.     Review of the story and application from the previous story.
4.     Read the story aloud twice. Orally retell the story twice.
5.   What do you learn about God?
6.   What do you learn about man?
7.     How will you apply/obey this story in your life? "I will..." 
8.     Who else and their family/friends needs to hear this story to encourage them? Who and when will you share this with them?

1.     What are you thankful for?
2.     What are your current challenges?
3.     Review of the story and application from the previous story.
4.     Read the story aloud twice. Orally retell the story twice.
5.   What do you learn about God?
6.   What do you learn about man?
7.   How will you apply/obey this story in your life? "I will..." 
8.  Who else and their family/friends needs to hear this story to encourage them? Who and when will you share this with them?

Two challenging transition points:
a.      Finding the POPs and then inviting them to study in 8 DBS questions 
b.      Transitioning from you facilitating to them facilitating in less than 4x total-MEWL

8.    Commitment-What needs to happen for this Discover Group to move into commitment?
Reproducing healthy house fellowships-What needs to happen to see this/these house fellowships meet the DNA of biblical gatherings?
9.     Reproducing indigenous local leaders-What needs to happen to see the local leaders being consistently well equipped?

10.  Reproducing Unflinching Evaluation: What needs to happen to be more effective in training others in a healthy process for unflinching evaluation? What needs to happen in terms of DBS in facing persecution?

Monday, December 18, 2017

DMM: Letters From Afar

Letters from Afar

Persons of Peace want to be found (Luke 10, Matthew 10)

Part of what we are engaged in is to coach as many other workers, both expat and national, as we can in the process of what it is to implement Disciple-Making Movements (DMM).

 A couple who serve in India came to our island to spend a few days implementing DMM together, as we model here.

Amie and I walked along the beach as we prayed and trusted the Holy Spirit to lead us to those whom God would prepare to open their households. As the men (our husbands) played in the sand with the children, we strolled and trusted. This day, we would go out in a tag teaming way: us two women, then the men. (Luke 10, Matthew 10).

Bu Nima is a grandmother who comes to the beach each day in search of customers for her massage/manicure/pedicure business. We sat with her and chatted as we went through the usual introductions. Her two friends and their children joined in the fun.

At one point, I transitioned to mention that both my friend and I are followers of Isa Al Masih. To which these women responded by assuming that meant we were Muslims. We clarified that we are not but “Isn’t it wonderful to know that Allah is in search throughout the earth to seek those whose hearts are truly wanting to be His. Are you ladies some of those whom Allah is drawing to Himself?”

They nodded in curious agreement.

I then mentioned that my friend has a message from Allah and could she share that with them?

Again, they nodded with a bit of a suspicious squint in their eyes.

Amie asked if she could share a story which reflects the heart of those who long to truly follow Allah. She began…
There once was a little girl who longed to be with her father. Yet, at a young age, her father went abroad on business. The little girl waited day after day for any word possible from her dad. Years passed, still no word. Finally, the now grown woman received four letters all at once on the same day.

My friend Amie then asked the women, “Which of the four letters do you think the woman chose to read? If you were her, would you read just the last one or would you read all four?”

Bu Nima muddled over this perplexing question. Her friends expressed various answers. But, it was Nima who began to understand  what was being asked.

Finally, she answered, “If I truly want to know the heart of my father, then I would want to read every word written in all four letters.”

At this point, we shared that in their book it teaches in Sura 4:126 that they are instructed to read what they consider to be the four holy books. The Koran, the Taurat, Zabur, and Injil (books of Moses, Psalms, and gospels).

I then asked Bu Nima when she and her household could get together to study the stories of the prophets from these other books?

To be intentional is really to simply walk out what it is to live a Shema lifestyle (Deuteronomy 6:4-11). To be kingdom of God purposeful is to be closely aligned with the heart and purposes of our beloved Saviour and Lord, Isa Al Masih.

Pray for the follow-up time with Bu Nima, as I bring a national partner with me as we facilitate the first prophet story of Adam, in our 10 OT Discovery Bible Study stories, then the 14 NT stories on Isa Al Masih.