Monday, December 18, 2017

DMM: Letters From Afar

Letters from Afar

Persons of Peace want to be found (Luke 10, Matthew 10)

Part of what we are engaged in is to coach as many other workers, both expat and national, as we can in the process of what it is to implement Disciple-Making Movements (DMM).

 A couple who serve in India came to our island to spend a few days implementing DMM together, as we model here.

Amie and I walked along the beach as we prayed and trusted the Holy Spirit to lead us to those whom God would prepare to open their households. As the men (our husbands) played in the sand with the children, we strolled and trusted. This day, we would go out in a tag teaming way: us two women, then the men. (Luke 10, Matthew 10).

Bu Nima is a grandmother who comes to the beach each day in search of customers for her massage/manicure/pedicure business. We sat with her and chatted as we went through the usual introductions. Her two friends and their children joined in the fun.

At one point, I transitioned to mention that both my friend and I are followers of Isa Al Masih. To which these women responded by assuming that meant we were Muslims. We clarified that we are not but “Isn’t it wonderful to know that Allah is in search throughout the earth to seek those whose hearts are truly wanting to be His. Are you ladies some of those whom Allah is drawing to Himself?”

They nodded in curious agreement.

I then mentioned that my friend has a message from Allah and could she share that with them?

Again, they nodded with a bit of a suspicious squint in their eyes.

Amie asked if she could share a story which reflects the heart of those who long to truly follow Allah. She began…
There once was a little girl who longed to be with her father. Yet, at a young age, her father went abroad on business. The little girl waited day after day for any word possible from her dad. Years passed, still no word. Finally, the now grown woman received four letters all at once on the same day.

My friend Amie then asked the women, “Which of the four letters do you think the woman chose to read? If you were her, would you read just the last one or would you read all four?”

Bu Nima muddled over this perplexing question. Her friends expressed various answers. But, it was Nima who began to understand  what was being asked.

Finally, she answered, “If I truly want to know the heart of my father, then I would want to read every word written in all four letters.”

At this point, we shared that in their book it teaches in Sura 4:126 that they are instructed to read what they consider to be the four holy books. The Koran, the Taurat, Zabur, and Injil (books of Moses, Psalms, and gospels).

I then asked Bu Nima when she and her household could get together to study the stories of the prophets from these other books?

To be intentional is really to simply walk out what it is to live a Shema lifestyle (Deuteronomy 6:4-11). To be kingdom of God purposeful is to be closely aligned with the heart and purposes of our beloved Saviour and Lord, Isa Al Masih.

Pray for the follow-up time with Bu Nima, as I bring a national partner with me as we facilitate the first prophet story of Adam, in our 10 OT Discovery Bible Study stories, then the 14 NT stories on Isa Al Masih.

Monday, October 16, 2017

DMM: PBJs, Milk, and Jake

 Psalm 25:14 The LORD confides in (reveals His mysteries to) those who fear him; he makes his covenant known to them.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

I am thinking a lot lately about how Jim and Elisabeth Elliot went to the mission field in the 1950's. With the few attempts at contact with the tribal focus of the Aucas, the 5 men (Jim Elliot, Nate Saint and the others) met their Lord and Saviour. And all they got to share, before the spears were launched, which took their lives? A few peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 

We know from the subsequent history, that though these five men were martyred, it was Rachel Saint (Nate Saint’s sister) and Elisabeth Elliot whom God used to "break open" a pathway for the gospel to penetrate to the hearts of the Auca Indian tribe.

A few PBJ sandwiches, 5 martyrs, and two women. In the great stories we shall all rejoice in around the throne of Jesus one day, the mysterious way in which God oft times uses the inconceivable for the advancement of His glory, the story of these five will be one of multitudinous chapters therein.

Many a missionary launch was secured by those impacted at this kind of love and radical obedience for the glory of the One who initiated the only true and first love. My husband and I are one of those of whom this story impacted to serve among M*u*slim UPGs.


William Borden set sail for an unreached Muslim people group in northwest China. In the 1920's, William was one of the leaders of the Student Volunteer Movement which had also impacted his own life to become a sent one to the ethne. To the dismay of many in upper society, William was from the privileged tiers of the Vanderbilts, Gettys, Hearsts, and of course, his own family wealth of the Borden Dairy family. 

A note from
In 1904 William Borden, heir to the Borden Dairy Estate, graduated from a Chicago high school a millionaire. His parents gave him a trip around the world. Traveling through Asia, the Middle East, and Europe gave Borden a burden for the world’s hurting people. Writing home, he said, “I’m going to give my life to prepare for the mission field.” When he made this decision, he wrote in the back of his Bible two words: No Reserves. Turning down high paying job offers after graduation from Yale University, he entered two more words in his Bible: No Retreats. Completing studies at Princeton Seminary, Borden sailed for China to work with Muslims, stopping first at Egypt for some preparation. While there he was stricken with cerebral meningitis and died within a month. A waste, you say! Not in God’s plan. In his Bible underneath the words No Reserves and No Retreats, he had written the words No Regrets.

Pre-field equipping, along with goodbyes were fresh on the mind of one yielded to go to the "ends of the earth". With the clear thought of the reality of a most likely one way course which lay ahead, for most missionaries of that era, he set sail. Christ was worth every bit of this cost. This great mystery of how God uses the inconceivable for the greatness of His glory, again, was played out in the life of William Borden.

"No reserves, no retreats, no regrets"..


Jake and M** met at a Perspectives Course in 2009. Jake had just lost his first wife to cancer. As he walked through that grief process, the Lord rekindled a passion to recommit his life to Christ, at all levels. A friend suggested he explore what God is doing in history past, and to discover what still needs to be done for God's glory to be declared and demonstrated among the ethne.

M** had been a single parent for most of her kids' growing years.  M** was very faithful to walk with Jesus, as well as to cast vision for UPGs. Her role as the Perspectives Course on World Christian Movements coordinator led her to yet another semester of classes. 

Jake and M** met and married in 2009. In 2011, they sensed God was leading them to be ones who are sent. Jake, had amassed a highly comfortable lifestyle, complete with loads of accumulated possessions. Having considered the great gain of following Christ, no matter what the cost, they set their course. They joined Beyond in 2011. We took them on a survey among the UPGs which they subsequently came to minister among. 

Jake and M** had spent their first 2 years, 2013-2015 with us as their DMM Hub coaches and trainers. They spent another bit of time strengthening their language acquisition and were then ready to land and live in M/BGees UPGs from 2016- 2017.

More traction they were able to make for the launch of cascading movements to Christ was due to the laser focus and faithful trust in the Father to do so.Traction for training, coaching, and further development of local Indonesian partners was something which we observed them to do well. 

And yet, after just one year in pocket there, with few else in that small missionary community who have committed to alignment of all that they engage in for the launch of movements, the Lord would take Jake home. Again, another mystery. 

This is where prayers come in....we are believing God to raise up 100 new recruits to Beyond for DMM focus among UPGs in the next year alone. Would that God launch a ripple of eternally impactful affect from the home-going of Jake?  

In all of this, the reminders of Jim Elliot's words echo..."He is no fool to give what he cannot keep in order to gain what he cannot lose." Amen and Amen. 

DMM: DBS-The Efficacy of God's Word

The Efficacy of God’s Word

Puisi. In the Indonesian language this word is translated

Ibu Amina sat on our backporch for a respite, or so I assumed. She works for two days a week to help with the daily needs of running a household here.

I saw that she was fighting back tears. After I called out to her I saw that indeed there was something big brewing.

Through stifled cries, she proceeded to tell me, outside the earshot of our temporary American guests, that she was struck by the way the man was trying to read.

This man and his wife love the Lord, as they work in Hong Kong. This particular morning of their visit he was reading his Bible on a tablet. The unusual part came when he read out loud. Five years have passed since he suffered a stroke. The effects could still be observed.

So, here he was struggling to read out loud the Word of God in English, so that he could focus his stroke-scarred mind.  Here was Amina, having heard him read, with no knowledge of what book he held. And yet, she described what she had just heard spoken as “poetry”. 

Amina is a SaSumBi Muslim with whom I go through the DBS stories.

I invited our two American friends to join us for the next story. We walked through the whole process, with me coaching Amina to facilitate the simple 8 step process of Discovery Bible Study questions.

How could one not be shaken at the incredible reminders of the utter potency of the Word of God, in concert with the power of the Holy Spirit to convict men of sin, righteousness, and judgment.

This process of DMM…really is that simple.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

DMM: Much Ado About God's Glory

Much Ado About Nothing Type of Much Fruit

Much Ado About Nothing Fruit
Much Ado About Nothing. I recently came upon a highly prolific, yet entirely inedible fruit. Though there was much of this type of fruit, it was not life giving.

Up close, under inspection (ruthless evaluation), this plant possesses troubling thorns which protrude from the base of the otherwise inviting leaf.

From one untrained perspective, this plant could pass for being that which produces "much fruit".

However, when examined from a closer more highly skilled perspective, one could classify the whole of this creation in the category of "much ado about nothing", to borrow from Shakespeare's pen.

As one considers what it is to assess daily engagements in alignment with that which could help with the launch of cascading movements to Christ, this should cause hearts to pause.

Invite the Lord to assess from His heart and His glorious ways the following:

  1. Lord, reveal to my heart in what ways I am engaged in the cultivation of non-delectable much fruit.
  2. Lord, bring to not the machinations of the Evil One. Cause me to walk in the reality of Your immutable truth and unchanging purposes among the ethne.
  3. Lord, increase in my life that which brings your heart the greatest delight and that which causes the ushering in of your "much fruit", that which is worthy of reproducing.
  4. Lord, cause my heart to recognise the Much Ado About Nothing type of fruit.
  5. Lord, cause my heart to realign with Your heart beat, Your ways, for Your bringing forth of Much Ado About You type of "much fruit". (John 15:8)
Check out the excellent video for updates on CPM/DMMs worldwide, and what still needs to be done.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

DMM: Moving with the Movers, Loving the Lingerers

DMM: Moving with the Movers, Loving the Lingerers


“Where are you? You have left us abandoned. We need help to grow. Plus, we have started new Discovery groups and they are ready to believe…”


Two of our formerly engaged DMM local partners who were meandering through life in the past 2 years came to us with fresh vision and fresh commitment.


The reason?


They were rebuked by some of the former new followers (down to 3rd generation DG and 2nd generation housefellowships) which they had formerly been coaching (as we coached them for next steps). We had seen this couple become distracted while leaving these new followers to fend for themselves.  After realizing that we needed to attempt to get into that community to help those new house fellowships continue and to reproduce on-goingly, this newer follower directly confronted our national partners. As we considered how best to re-train the remaining followers…(this is area where our visits bring higher level of scrutiny from area cousin leaders)…we were prepared to enter in there but knew this would bring un-needed attention by doing so…This is when, by the HS leading, the new followers rebuked our zero generation.


Thankfully, our zero generation couple in those streams awakened to what they had abandoned and are on track to coach these newer DGs. One of these new Discovery Groups has believed and been dunked. Huge levels of intimidation have come to these newer followers to which they have stood against…Luke 12:11-12


Pray with us for these streams to flourish to multiple generations in that region.  Pray that our zero generation partners would never choose to forget to be diligent to not allow their hearts to be distracted from what the Father has entrusted.



Tuesday, May 16, 2017

DMM: Vision Casting for UPGs

DMM: Vision Casting for UPGs

Worship/casting vision for Disciple-Making Movements among UPGs

Prayer module:
1.  Print out small 3x5 cards of various UPG profiles from Joshuaproject
2.   Prep room in Prayer cover before worship time.
3.   Place cards, one by one on each seat.
4.   People will come in and take seats. Ask them to read over their cards and just have them in hand as we enter into worship.
5.   7-8 of seats will not have cards on them.
6.   These will be your ones representing those who are believers.  Those who live in regions of the world, people groups, who have access to the gospel.
7.   Instruct the others, when all have come together, that they will be representing being one of the UPG in the card which they hold. Define Unreached People Groups, if the group is not yet understanding.
8.   As such, explain that only those who have access to the gospel can access worship…so, everyone who is representing a believer may stay in their seat.
9.  The rest, with cards in hand, are to get up and go to the back of the room, with their backs to the front, as representing being outside the access to the gospel and cannot yet know true worship.
 Start worship songs, sung by just the few together:
  • Revelation Song
  • How Great is Our God

 10.   As facilitator, keep interjecting how wonderful it is to read the Bible, to worship Jesus together…Read Matthew 28:18-20 (go, make disciples of ALL ethne!)
Ask them how this will happen with current pattern of reaching individuals? What does it mean that ALL ethne are to be made disciples of? 
How does Jesus model reaching households? How does Book of Acts contain examples of reaching households?
11.   Read Rev. 5:9
12.  Now, go therefore and invite others to follow, not to come to church, but the church to go and make disciples of ALL Ethne, invite them to discover worship…take them by the hand...
13.   Debrief the group….
  • For the ones who worship, representing those who have the gospel…
  • How did you feel as you worshiped? 
  • Describe what you felt like doing?
  • What new thought did you have in this process?
  • For the ones who represented the UPGs of the world…
  • How did you feel as you were outside of worship?
  • How did you feel about the ones represented on the cards representing UPGs?
  • What new thought did you have in this process?

Worship all together as an act of declaring God's fulfilment for the knowledge of the glory of God to go out among all the ethne (peoples) of the earth…prayer response time…focus on asking God what needs to be done personally, in our families, in our fellowships, in order to obey these commands?
John Piper…”when it comes to Matthew 28:18-20, three responses for the believer: go, send, or disobey!”

Ask the Holy Spirit what He is impressing on your heart to obey?

Listen together to song (optional) song Yours, by Steven Curtis Chapman

Much Fruit…received on May 2017

Hey beautiful friend,

Last week at via salve I had the opportunity to talk to a lady named Wendy. She and I are both and children's leadership but we have never had the chance to sit and talk.

We spoke a lot about her heart and her passion for missions and she shared with me her most recent trip to India and the darkness that is over there. I shared with her some of the experiences another friend of mine has written about recently from their time in India.

Wendy asked me by any chance was I talking about R!?!?

Wendy heard you speak about six or seven years ago at a ______ retreat. She said you had cards up on a table and asked for people to take one. Below is a picture of the card she continues to carry around in her wallet, along with names of people she has met on her trips.  I just love this!! Wendy has been on many mission trips since then.

I thought that this would warm your heart.

Love you dearly,