Thursday, August 31, 2017

DMM: Much Ado About God's Glory

Much Ado About Nothing Type of Much Fruit

Much Ado About Nothing Fruit
Much Ado About Nothing. I recently came upon a highly prolific, yet entirely inedible fruit. Though there was much of this type of fruit, it was not life giving.

Up close, under inspection (ruthless evaluation), this plant possesses troubling thorns which protrude from the base of the otherwise inviting leaf.

From one untrained perspective, this plant could pass for being that which produces "much fruit".

However, when examined from a closer more highly skilled perspective, one could classify the whole of this creation in the category of "much ado about nothing", to borrow from Shakespeare's pen.

As one considers what it is to assess daily engagements in alignment with that which could help with the launch of cascading movements to Christ, this should cause hearts to pause.

Invite the Lord to assess from His heart and His glorious ways the following:

  1. Lord, reveal to my heart in what ways I am engaged in the cultivation of non-delectable much fruit.
  2. Lord, bring to not the machinations of the Evil One. Cause me to walk in the reality of Your immutable truth and unchanging purposes among the ethne.
  3. Lord, increase in my life that which brings your heart the greatest delight and that which causes the ushering in of your "much fruit", that which is worthy of reproducing.
  4. Lord, cause my heart to recognise the Much Ado About Nothing type of fruit.
  5. Lord, cause my heart to realign with Your heart beat, Your ways, for Your bringing forth of Much Ado About You type of "much fruit". (John 15:8)
Check out the excellent video for updates on CPM/DMMs worldwide, and what still needs to be done.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

DMM: Moving with the Movers, Loving the Lingerers

DMM: Moving with the Movers, Loving the Lingerers


“Where are you? You have left us abandoned. We need help to grow. Plus, we have started new Discovery groups and they are ready to believe…”


Two of our formerly engaged DMM local partners who were meandering through life in the past 2 years came to us with fresh vision and fresh commitment.


The reason?


They were rebuked by some of the former new followers (down to 3rd generation DG and 2nd generation housefellowships) which they had formerly been coaching (as we coached them for next steps). We had seen this couple become distracted while leaving these new followers to fend for themselves.  After realizing that we needed to attempt to get into that community to help those new house fellowships continue and to reproduce on-goingly, this newer follower directly confronted our national partners. As we considered how best to re-train the remaining followers…(this is area where our visits bring higher level of scrutiny from area cousin leaders)…we were prepared to enter in there but knew this would bring un-needed attention by doing so…This is when, by the HS leading, the new followers rebuked our zero generation.


Thankfully, our zero generation couple in those streams awakened to what they had abandoned and are on track to coach these newer DGs. One of these new Discovery Groups has believed and been dunked. Huge levels of intimidation have come to these newer followers to which they have stood against…Luke 12:11-12


Pray with us for these streams to flourish to multiple generations in that region.  Pray that our zero generation partners would never choose to forget to be diligent to not allow their hearts to be distracted from what the Father has entrusted.



Tuesday, May 16, 2017

DMM: Vision Casting for UPGs

DMM: Vision Casting for UPGs

Worship/casting vision for Disciple-Making Movements among UPGs

Prayer module:
1.  Print out small 3x5 cards of various UPG profiles from Joshuaproject
2.   Prep room in Prayer cover before worship time.
3.   Place cards, one by one on each seat.
4.   People will come in and take seats. Ask them to read over their cards and just have them in hand as we enter into worship.
5.   7-8 of seats will not have cards on them.
6.   These will be your ones representing those who are believers.  Those who live in regions of the world, people groups, who have access to the gospel.
7.   Instruct the others, when all have come together, that they will be representing being one of the UPG in the card which they hold. Define Unreached People Groups, if the group is not yet understanding.
8.   As such, explain that only those who have access to the gospel can access worship…so, everyone who is representing a believer may stay in their seat.
9.  The rest, with cards in hand, are to get up and go to the back of the room, with their backs to the front, as representing being outside the access to the gospel and cannot yet know true worship.
 Start worship songs, sung by just the few together:
  • Revelation Song
  • How Great is Our God

 10.   As facilitator, keep interjecting how wonderful it is to read the Bible, to worship Jesus together…Read Matthew 28:18-20 (go, make disciples of ALL ethne!)
Ask them how this will happen with current pattern of reaching individuals? What does it mean that ALL ethne are to be made disciples of? 
How does Jesus model reaching households? How does Book of Acts contain examples of reaching households?
11.   Read Rev. 5:9
12.  Now, go therefore and invite others to follow, not to come to church, but the church to go and make disciples of ALL Ethne, invite them to discover worship…take them by the hand...
13.   Debrief the group….
  • For the ones who worship, representing those who have the gospel…
  • How did you feel as you worshiped? 
  • Describe what you felt like doing?
  • What new thought did you have in this process?
  • For the ones who represented the UPGs of the world…
  • How did you feel as you were outside of worship?
  • How did you feel about the ones represented on the cards representing UPGs?
  • What new thought did you have in this process?

Worship all together as an act of declaring God's fulfilment for the knowledge of the glory of God to go out among all the ethne (peoples) of the earth…prayer response time…focus on asking God what needs to be done personally, in our families, in our fellowships, in order to obey these commands?
John Piper…”when it comes to Matthew 28:18-20, three responses for the believer: go, send, or disobey!”

Ask the Holy Spirit what He is impressing on your heart to obey?

Listen together to song (optional) song Yours, by Steven Curtis Chapman

Much Fruit…received on May 2017

Hey beautiful friend,

Last week at via salve I had the opportunity to talk to a lady named Wendy. She and I are both and children's leadership but we have never had the chance to sit and talk.

We spoke a lot about her heart and her passion for missions and she shared with me her most recent trip to India and the darkness that is over there. I shared with her some of the experiences another friend of mine has written about recently from their time in India.

Wendy asked me by any chance was I talking about R!?!?

Wendy heard you speak about six or seven years ago at a ______ retreat. She said you had cards up on a table and asked for people to take one. Below is a picture of the card she continues to carry around in her wallet, along with names of people she has met on her trips.  I just love this!! Wendy has been on many mission trips since then.

I thought that this would warm your heart.

Love you dearly,

Friday, March 10, 2017

DMM: Listening Prayer

Listening Well Precedes Loving Obedience

So Paul warned them, 10 “Men, I can see that our voyage is going to be disastrous and bring great loss to ship and cargo, and to our own lives also.” 11 But the centurion, instead of listening to what Paul said, followed the advice of the pilot and of the owner of the ship.-Acts 27

It can be said that listening is more important than doing. The Apostle Paul was one who exemplified the practice of God’s presence as well as a desire to listen and obey His voice at all costs.

Intimacy with God is always Plan A to be cultivated and experienced by those who follow Christ. What one does for Christ is to be done out of the overflow of a daily growth in the practice of intimacy in Christ.

Listen to discern God’s ways

Several times weekly we search for Persons of Peace (POP) as delineated by Christ in Luke 10 and Matthew 10. As we walk through our respective days, we trust the Holy Spirit with anticipation to lead us to anyone, anywhere, anytime. In most cases, we are intentionally with our national partners together in this pursuit.

On one particular day, S and I were en-route to an overlook located at the northwestern part of our island. Usually, we have found loads of SaSumBi and other Unreached People Groups as they take in the ocean side view. On the hour’s drive to this spot, we prayed for however the Father desired to lead. We listened. We prayed through the 10 essential elements to trust the Holy Spirit to launch a Church Planting Movement (CPM)/Disciple-Making Movement (DMM). 

On this day, no one we met was readied to start a Discovery Bible Study (DBS) with us but interestingly so, a group of female dentists from Mr and Mmj areas of the eastern part of our country were visiting this scenic overlook.

After we established that we are followers of Isa Al Masih we talked with them about the reality that many Islamic peoples have not taken the opportunity to explore the stories from the prophets in the Bible, though the 4th letter of the Koran admonishes Muslims to do so.

These women were scheduled to return to their area of this country the next day. We exchanged cell phone numbers and asked if we could contact them on our planned survey trip to their area and go through some of these stories upon meeting again.

Our vision and passion is to continue to train, coach, be practitioners of CPM/DMM among the SaSumBi. In addition, for the past several years, we have been able to train more indigenous college students as professionals (doctors, teachers, fisheries specialists, and such) to prepare them to launch CPM/DMM teams among the Unengaged/Unreached People Groups (UUPGs/UPGs) of other parts East in this country.

The other Strategy Trainer team we are recruiting is for the area from where these gals above mentioned originate. In a couple of weeks we plan to meet with a potential couple whom God may lead to facilitate CPM/DMM among UUPGs/UPGs in the southern area of the Eastern region.

Prayer for

Ask God to rip the heavens open and come down in provision for those from within this country to be equipped and sent, as well as strategically placed foreign facilitators of CPM/DMM.

Postscript 2017 Update…the above was written in 2011. Since that time, the above forementioned couple came, surveyed, prepared to come, have come, have been in language study, have been here with us for DMM hub in their first 1 ½ years and now they are on site. We recently saw the first DMM training connected to formerly cultivated potential local partners in that region of SW Sl. This couple is now one of the DMM Catalysts for the training up, modeling/implementation of together in that region of UUPGs/UPGs.

Friday, March 3, 2017

DMM: Leadership--Pit Bulls and Other Gnarly Tales

Addressing a growing level of unhealthiness in the Global Missions Community

“That leader is a pit bull. He cannot let up on speaking in a mean spirited way to other missionaries with whom he disagrees. Unfortunately, he is influencing others in the global missions community in unhealthy ways,” lamented a highly respected missionary leader.

Upon looking into the eyes of the above brother, that day, I saw a glimpse of the Father’s grief for the Bride reflected in his carefully confided lament.

Honestly, how does one process a comment like the above? From one perspective, you wonder what pain and injury the author of that comment has endured from the said missions leader? And yet, from another perspective, how would you feel if that were said of your own life? What if this pit bull description were thought to be true of you? Somehow, the term “clanging symbol” feels a bit synonymous with the tag “pit bull”. How is the posture of being content to serve as a “pit bull” not breeding anything but that which is diametrically opposed to Paul’s exhortation in I Corinthians 13 to choose love above all else?

One of the principles of laying a foundation for seeing the Lord launch a Church Planting Movement is the area of unflinching evaluation. How does one evaluate the above statement, first and foremost, on an individual basis? Then, how does one facilitate on a corporate scale as to whether this is a tendency of the Global Missions Community, at some levels.

I must confess to not liking pit bulls. On the outside, pit bulls may appear cuddly, warm, and slobberingly affectionate. Or so, their owners espouse. However, adults come to realize what little children cannot recognize. The more the pit bull has been injured and not healed, the more the animal has the capacity to be injurious to others. The same pattern is true in the lives of missionaries, when left unchecked and not challenged to acknowledge their injurious ways.

The sobering reality is that in missions organizations, there are leaders who rise in position with these same unchecked injurious tendencies. Hurt pit bulls, hurt people. And hurt people, hurt people goes the axiom.

 Hurt people, hurt people

The gaining of wisdom regarding “pit bull” types in the global missions’ community is crucial in our day and time. Those who yearn for unity in Kingdom endeavors without compromise on the essentials, while honoring an atmosphere of diversity in the Kingdom, tend to desire to understand the differences. Those who desire to exhibit tenacious obedience in a grace-filled atmosphere of mutual respect---know the difference.

At the tender age of three years old, my mother had seen me slip away from her sight only to find her little girl contentedly cuddling the neighbor’s “pit bull” type dog. Apparently, feeling quite secure at my family home induced an adventurous spirit. To my childhood curiosity, without the advantage of adult filters, that dog represented an intriguing challenge in which to draw near. Now, these many years later, I have come to understand the nature of the danger I had embraced at that moment in my younger days. Thankfully, I am not so young now.

A Rather Gnarly Tale: An Observation Made

In over 26 years of on-going service on the mission field, I have observed a growing seed of unhealthiness which I feel needs to be discussed in Kingdom efforts among missionaries.

There seems to be a growing contempt and disdain among missionaries for those in the Bride with whom one disagrees: in personal philosophical approaches to missions’ efforts, in personal development of convictions in the ever evolving understanding of contextualization, in the process of organizational uniqueness as expressed in differing priorities in Kingdom efforts.

How will we, as the global missions’ community choose to interact with one another on levels of doctrinal import along with areas of philosophical differences? How will we distinguish the two? How will we then relate in such a way as Kingdom advancement does not go wanting for passion to somehow prove others “wrong” when we don’t agree on certain approaches?

A former missionary colleague in our area commented on the growing argumentative spirit between missions’ organizations serving on the field, expressing, “It is important for my heart to remember that no one person or organization has a corner on the market on God’s truth and doctrinal purity.” He continues, “Not one individual among us missionaries has one hundred percent accurate theology.” And yet, there is a necessary and healthy dialogue which needs to take place from time to time in these mission field issues in matters related to doctrine.

There is a healthy tension, which can be embraced in the process of understanding the movements of God and the fulfillment of His purposes in our day. The emphasis is the reality of the need for missionaries to choose to lovingly work through the tension that will arise. It is imperative that we grow in skillfulness in inviting others to dialogue, when necessary, in a way that honors one another. In humility and tangible mercy and grace it is vital that the missions’ community partners hold fast to the common thread which each desires in longing to demonstrate and express the glory of God among the ethne. Never choose to forget to remember that another missionary or missions’ organization is NOT the enemy.

When Christians turn their guns on one another, they have effectively turned their guns off of Satan and His schemes. 
Recently, we had the opportunity to dialogue with another missionary regarding their desire to write a book so that, in his expressed purpose, the funding trail for a certain type of contextualization approach among Muslims would “dry up”. My heart sank at the thought of the time and effort one can passionately pursue in this type of endeavor. I also wondered if the cumulative hours to be spent on “proving them wrong” type dialogues from one missionary org to others would be better spent invested in direct impactful labor among their targeted upg? What amount of investment of time and energy has been spent in this posture, which could have produced eternal fruit in the lives of target people instead? From my perspective, some of these orgs could have actually been involved in enjoying having seen the Lord launch church planting movements if they had been willing to die to some of their personal preferences and made adjustments along the way. 

 Be careful to guard your heart from the tendency to confuse personal preferences with biblical absolutes.

 Questions to ponder as missions organization leaders;

→What process does your organization practice to intentionally guard communicating unity in the Global Body of Christ?

→Does the person or persons your organization allows to speak to dicey issues represent a grace-filled expression along with a non-attack posture toward others?

→Is there any one in your leadership pool who is articulate and skilled in communicating unity in the Bride of Christ without a hinge of contempt or disdain for others?

→Does your organization have an evaluative piece for your leaders which fosters and promotes non-punishment of field personnel for constructive criticism?

→Does your organization hold as a core value a deliberateness, by actions and words, of affirming the other organizations in your various fields?

→If your  missions organization has developed a reputation as “pit bulls”, in a negative sense, are you willing to ask the evaluative questions that bring correction where needed?

→How will your organization equip your personnel in a commitment to model healthy approaches in discussing dicey field issues with other organizations, when needed?

→How will your organization guard a commitment to Kingdom advancement which does not go wanting for passion to somehow prove others “wrong” when you don’t agree on certain approaches?

Does your organization have a process in place whereby you can ask evaluative questions of other organizations as to how your organization is perceived in your various fields?  Does your organization factor in seeking counsel from national colleagues as well?

→Does your organization have a reputation of being Kingdom partners or Kingdom dividers?

The unreached people groups of the world are awaiting the fame and renown of the glory of God to be expressed and demonstrated among them. Vision killers can come in unexpected packages. Unity in the Bride at the expense of doctrinal and theological integrity is not the goal. However, the expression of the unity of the Bride, as Christ intends when he cried in the Garden of Gethsemane is the higher ground. That vision of cultivating unity in the Bride of Christ is one of the ultimate common grounds of all missionaries.

May His Kingdom Come

Women2Women DMM Trainer/Coach