Tuesday, May 4, 2021

DMM: Dreams and Visions

Reproduce Laborers

Amisha led five women in reading prophet stories from the Bible, a good way to introduce the Word of God to Muslims. They share the stories with their family and friends and obey lessons God impresses on them during their time together.

Three have had visions of Isa al Masih (Jesus the Messiah). In them, He had instructed one to forgive her husband and encouraged another by confirming that she was studying His Truth.. The third had a simple yet profound vision of being embraced by Jesus!

Soon all five women became followers of Isa. Amisha baptized them in the irrigation canal of a nearby rice paddy.

Amisha is a layperson who has been trained in Disciple Making Movements and longs to hear and obey Jesus. All six women are in the process of learning to become reproducing disciple-makers. 

These women were the first in their families to come to Christ. Pray as they engage their husbands with the Word of God and encourage their spiritual leadership. It can sometimes be messy, but it is so important in bringing the whole household to faith. 

Thursday, April 22, 2021

DMM: Word of God Foundation, Holy Spirit Dependence


God our Source: 

His Word, our Foundation, His Spirit, our Fountain 

A given…God wants us to discover truth through His Word.  He gives us all the directions we need in order to do His work.  By following the Holy Spirit’s nudges and leading, we are invited to partner with Him in the extraordinary task of making disciples who make disciples in this world. The launch of cascading movements to Christ is predicated upon the efficacy, authority, inerrancy, and supremacy of God’s Word in partnership with deep reliance upon the power of the Holy Spirit.


God wants us to discover His truth from the Foundation found in the Word. (both seekers and new believers).


Rather than being told what the passage says, in the process of Discovery Bible Study, the group/household learns to dig deep and to discover the richness in the Word of God.


Even pre-believers can discover truth from the Word.                       


Landscaped with the Word, Transformed by the Spirit 


Fatima, Muliati, and Amina squirmed excitedly, as they eagerly awaited the arrival of our local partner, Anna. They had compared their stories of obedience with one another while they awaited her arrival for their next Prophet Story from the Old Testament. 

Each of these Muslim women had come into contact with Anna, as Anna was facilitating a literacy program. 


I had been training Anna in looking for Women of Peace, as laid out in Matthew 10, Luke 10. She and I had gone out together looking for those whom God was preparing to open their respective households/and/or affinity groups in order to discuss the Straight and True Way of Allah.  


To model, assist, watch, and continue to coach Anna is a sheer joy. God provided five Women of Peace for Anna. She began to model, to assist, and to coach/watch for these women to take the Prophet Stories, one by one, back to their households and do likewise.


Sample List of DBS stories from Old Testament/New Testament

Creation to Christ STORY LIST






Rebellion in God’s creation

Gn 2:4–5,7–8,15–18,21–22,25; 3:1–21


Noah and his family saved

Gn 6:5–8,13–14; 7:1–5,17,19,23; 8:1–3,15–21


God calls Abraham and delivers Lot

Gn 12:1–5; 17:9–11; 18:1,17–20; 19:1–17,24–26,29


Ishmael and Isaac born, and promise

to Ishmael

Gn 16:1–11,13,15; 21:1–4,8–21


Burnt offerings: Abraham and Job

Jb 1:1–5; Gn 22:1–18


Moses’ commissioning, Passover,

and Bronze Serpent

Ex 3:1–8,10; 11:1,4–6; 12:21–23,28–33; Nm 21:4–9; Dt 6:1,4–5,13–15


David: King, warrior, and author

of Psalms

1 Chr 21:1–2,5,7–19,21–27;

Ps 51:3–17


Jonah: Prophet who fled from God

Jon 1:1–3:3


Cleansing through the shedding of blood

Jb 25:2–6; Heb 9:22; Lv 17:11; 4:29–31; Gn 3:21; 8:18–20; 22:10–14; Jb 1:4–5; Ex 12:21–23,28–30; 1 Chr 21:26; 2 Chr 7:4–5


The Prophet born of a virgin

Is 7:14; 49:6; 52:13–53:12; 61:1–2; Dt 18:17–19



1 Sm 1:1–2:11












Birth of Jesus Christ

Lk 1:26–31,38; Mt 1:18–25; Lk 2:1–22


Power of Jesus over nature

Mk 4:35–41; 6:30–52


Power of Jesus over evil spirits

Mk 9:17–29; Lk 4:31–37


Power of Jesus over illness

Mk 5:21–42; Jn 4:46–53; Mt 15:29–31


Power of Jesus to forgive sins

Lk 5:18–26; Jn 8:2–12



Power of Jesus to help the poor and defend the weak

Mk 12:41–44; Mt 8:20; 23:23–28; Mk 11:15–18; 12:28–34; Mt 9:36; 14:14; 20:34; Mk 1:40–42


Ministry of Jesus Christ: give life

Jn 11:11–15,17,20–26,38–44


Ministry of Jesus Christ: teach truth

Mk 7:14–23; Lk 15:11–24; Mt 5:43–46; 6:5–7; 7:24–29


Ministry of Jesus Christ: illustrated through His names

Mt 11:28–30; Lk 2:10–14; 7:11–16; Jn 1:29; 3:2; 6:35; 10:9–11; 12:46–48; 15:14; 16:33; Acts 4:12; Jn 18:36–37; 2 Thes 1:6–10


Death of Jesus Christ


Lk 22:47–54,63–65; Mt 27:1–2,11–14,22–25,27–31; Lk 23:32–34,39–47; Mt 27:57–66


Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus Christ

Mt 28:1–8; Lk 24:13–35; Jn 20:24–31; Acts 1:3,8–11


Blood of Jesus Christ cleanses man from sin

Heb 9:22; Lv 17:11; Heb 5:1–3; 2:17; 4:15; 7:26–27; Mt 26:28; Heb 9:26; 10:10; 1 Peter 3:18; Heb 13:12; 2:9; Rom 6:23; Heb 2:14; 5:9; 7:25; 10:29–31


Jesus Christ as the mediator

1 Tm 2:4–6; Eph 1:7; Rom 3:23–26; 5:1,6,8–11; 2 Cor 5:18–21; 1 Jn 2:2; Col 1:20; Rv 1:5; Acts 17:30–31; Heb 9:27–28; Jn 14:3–6


Three responses to Jesus Christ

Jn 9:1–7,17–34; Heb 9:22; Lv 17:11; Jn 1:29; Heb 7:26; 10:10; Acts 17:30–31; Heb 9:28; Rom 5:8–9; Acts 4:12; Rom 10:9–10



Fatima, Muliati, and Amina had all shared of their recent dreams and visions, which they knew were from Allah. 


“Forgive your husband,” Fatima recalled the Prophet Isa Al Masih telling her in her dream.


“What you are studying with Anna is My Truth,” Muliati relayed as she ascribed Isa Al Masih instructing her in her dream.


“Isa pulled me to Himself and hugged me!,” exclaimed Amina. 


All eyes were riveted upon the Word of God, for their next instructions in how to live. The next Prophet Story which Anna had them practice facilitating in this coaching group…the Prophet Jonah. 


A few weeks later, after finishing the last story in the Isa Al Masih set, all five of the women were asked which of the people in the story best represented their hearts before Allah.


They each made a clear profession of followership to Christ. 


After cross-checking with another laborer, their salvation stories rang clear, of their choice to follow the way of Isa Al Masih (Jesus). 


Soon thereafter, Anna helped them to discover in Scripture the role of outward obedience in baptism as a demonstration of inward followership of Jesus. Anna baptized them in an irrigation canal at a nearby rice field.


Each of their households were using the same pattern of 8 simple Discovery questions, and engaging in the same group discovery process. At that time, they ran through to the beginnings of a 3rd generation of Discovery Groups being transformed into house fellowships. 


One strategic piece for coaching these forming house fellowships is to equip the women facilitators to engage their men in the process. 


In the cases where we have Women of Peace as the starting point contact for the households/affinity groups in a DBS, we are highly intentional. In the desire to see their men become the leaders of these households we simply train the women to ask help in a natural, yet honoring way from their men. “Oh husband, thank you for your desire to lead us spiritually as a household. Would you be able to ask us what we are all thankful for?” Then, the women are trained to affirm the men all the way through the DBS 8 questions. When there are Women of Peace as the starting point for gathering the household, it is a very simple, and at times, messy process to see men move into a facilitator role for their households. As they engage in the Word and are transformed into followers of Christ by the Holy Spirit’s work, the potential to see the launch of a movement can be a more balanced effort. 


The given? God’s Spirit moves, the Word of God speaks, man is compelled to discern which way to follow. We, as laborers, simply partner with God’s Spirit to call others forth into Jesus as the only straight and true way. The fruit which reproduces? God is the one who brings the cascading movements to Christ of those households whom He draws in a hear and obey Jesus way. Eternal destiny game changers? In the hands of an awesome God. 



DMM: Persecution as the Norm

 Inconspicuous Beginnings in the Hands of an Awesome God

Delah beamed with a life which rather reflected having considered it all joy when she and her family have encountered various trials. This little 11 year old could not wait to tell Ama Sempandi (Spencer’s Indonesian name) and Ibu Sempandi (me) about her intercession times crying out for the salvation of the Iranians. She lives in Indonesia and her parents are DMM partners from one of the Muslim Unreached Peoples among the SaSumBi.

Eleven years ago little Delah was an answered prayer lying in wait for her appointed day of arrival into this world. Her mother, Atir, awakened on the morning of January 17, 2000 rejoicing at the anticipated birth of the child in the womb whom she thought would be her little girl among three older sons. As the day progressed Atir received a message from her older sister to gather in their home immediately. Word had been passed among the few believers on our island that Muslim mobs were gathering around the city to target MBB’s (Muslim Background Believers) and CBB’s (Christian Background Believers).

They hurriedly gathered at Kak Ni’s home. As Atir and her family traveled the few kilometers distance to her older sister’s home, they saw pillars of smoke hovering over the city. Word then came to them as they gathered awaiting further news that systematically so the Muslim mobs were marching against any known believers. The mobs had targeted known existing churches with the plan of burning and looting those buildings. Then, the mobs were being carted from known Christian home to Christian home and attacking their homes as well. A demonstration of Islamic solidarity and prowess and commitment to eradicate the 99.9% Muslim population island of any “kafir” (infidel) presence was their collective intent. To reclaim the island for Allah was their end goal. 

This larger family of 20+ SaSumBi MBB’s made a bold decision to flee through the rice fields with what clothes and food they could handle. The rice fields had been recently irrigated. The mud and water seeped through what dry layers of clothing they each could manage. With their children in tow and under their watchful eye they fled. Meanwhile, as they looked back to their neighborhood they saw a large group of Muslim men packed into one of many trucks used throughout the city stopping in front of their home and beginning the violent attacks. 

Atir ran alongside her husband, children, and other relatives that morning. She was 6 months pregnant at the time. “Kak, Ni, my water is breaking!”, she cried as they neared their safe ground destination of the military post. She crumpled to the water soaked ground among the rice seedlings. Kak Ni (her older sister) turned and laid hands on Atir’s womb and asked the Lord to stop the process of this baby coming prematurely. We were able to see them evacuated to the nearby safe island. There they, and most of our national partners, spent the next six months in refugee situations. And there, little Delah was born. She had been committed by this family to be one who offered praise and worship in tangible declaration over the SaSumBi and beyond. 

I can recall many conversations and prayer times in some of our discipleship times together as we all trusted the Father for this next pregnancy along with her. Atir had already been diagnosed with Diabetes. The risk would be high and yet she felt the Lord was going to bless her in this pursuit. I walked her through the possible risks in getting pregnant with this type of disease. She sought the Lord and sensed His leading to continue the process of desiring to become pregnant with a fourth child.

From the first days of Delah gaining the ability to speak, she sang worship songs. Quite frequently she stops her neighbors and sings a song of worship over them. Life proclaims it and the world cannot contain His worth. And now, in recent times as a 7 year old Delah’s heart passion is to intercede for yet another Unreached People Group in another country of the world. 

Come offer praise. Come fall upon your face and come see the ways of the Ancient of Days. Many babies are not spared, you and I know this by now. And yet, the Lord is sovereign over all the earth. How does one resume a vital walk when the Lord doesn’t answer in the ways we see fit or would even be hungered? Isaiah 55 offers just one of many heart cries of those who long for His ways, no matter the costs. The longer I walk with Jesus the more profoundly His truth pierces and the more wantingly my heart understands. And yet, He beckons me to implicit trust. I will never fully trust the One with whom I do not know. I will never truly know the One with whom I spend not the time. He is beckoning our hearts, dear worshipers of God. Intimacy in the beckoning is afforded those who learn to seek His heart in all matters. There are no short cuts. His perfect peace is found in His nearness discovered in lingering presence spent before Him. He alone is sovereign. And His promises are true. Psalm 27:13 declares, “I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

DMM: Reproduce Disciple makers

Reproduce Disciple Makers

Kersen* grew up as a Muslim but became a follower of Jesus. After being equipped in Disciple Making Movements, he was learning another on-ramp approach to finding Persons of Peace. He was equipped in how to use verses from the Qu’ran to talk about Jesus. He prayed and asked the Lord to lead him and his friend to those in his community whom the Holy Spirit is drawing to himself. He found his high school friend, Ajij*, to share what he had just learned.


Then they transitioned to studying about Jesus and the prophets, using the *8 Discovery Bible Study questions, while expecting they each reproduce and start other groups. As they were studying, God began to open Ajij's heart, and he was drawn to Jesus. Ajij started sharing what he was learning with his wife.


“You can't study those stories,” she said. “Those are stories from the Injil (The New Testament), and that book has been corrupted.”


Ajij mentioned this to Kersen. Using verses from the Qu’ran, Kersen showed that the Injil had not been corrupted. Because he continued studying about Jesus, Ajij’s wife thought seriously about divorcing her husband. But she began to realize that Ajij was becoming a kind man.


He took care of her and led her. “Why would I divorce a man like this?” she thought. So she began to open to stories about Jesus. 


Before long, Ajij and his wife came to faith and were baptized.


They shared the Good News with their parents. To date, three of their parents have come to faith in Jesus Christ. They have a house church that meets together.

*8 Discovery Bible Study (DBS) Questions to be used in Discovery Groups


1. What are you thankful for? 

2. What are your unique challenges?

3. Retell last story. How did you apply/obey the last story? 

4. Read next story from the Word 2x out loud together.   Retell story, verses in own words as a group 2x.  

5. What does this story/verses tell us about God? Jesus? Holy Spirit? 

6. What does this story/verses tell us about man?  

7. What do you feel impressed to obey from these verses? “I will…”, When? (For non-believers use “What do you feel impressed to obey/apply from these verses? ‘I will…

8. Who else and their household/affinity group will you tell this story to? When?  

DMM/CPM: Counterpunch to Anemic Prayers

On a recent visit to our home country, we have observed some DNA-ed norms of corporate intercession which tend to be modeled and then replicated. Granted, there are some great exceptions to what I have observed in the following. The Patterned Norm Prayer requests are gathered in the separate classes in the differing fellowships. Quite often, the norm is that people offer that which personally cost nothing to very little to share. Quite frankly put, what is often times modeled is an anemic type of prayer, "God, if somehow, maybe, perhaps, if possible, for someone I don't know who is sick with something that costs me little emotionally, do something....". Truth is, what is modeled in our solid biblically, exegetically excellent fellowships is truly lacking in the area of intercession. I have often wondered what non-believers would describe God's character as if their only contact with knowing about Him was through observing His people pray. God is...about safety, about my finances, my job, my sickness, my happiness, seems to be the themes which would pop when asked, perhaps. Does God care about these areas? You bet. However, notice the point of reference of "my" in each of the above requests themes. Just wondering. 

Consequently, it is with this base line that most people come to the mission field, imprinted to replicate the same. Pre-scripted to linger in the land of lameness when it comes to prayer is the bentness of present day mission*ries. When it comes to believing God, appropriating His promises, walking in His ways in the area of intercession, the Body of Christ in America can more often resemble practical atheists. And when it comes to intercession, our training needs to be infectiously contagious in our practice. 

The New Norm

Extraordinary Prayer is one of the key elements in helping to see the launch of a CPM/DMM.
How does one unpack this phrase, extraordinary prayer, along with practical implementations thereof?

First of all, an attempt at a definition, would be helpful.

Extraordinary prayer-a simple way to define it is extra-ordinary. Or, in other words, 
extra beyond your ordinary in the area of prayer, increase. But what if one does more extra than the ordinary intercession as their ordinary is more anemic prayers as the norm? In this case, more anemic prayers are just that ....lame and not effective. What I am addressing is our need, in the Bride of Christ, to embrace the growth in the areas of intercession which touch on the following:
  • Worship threaded with intercession
  • Praise, Thanksgiving, Adoration of God's character
  • Position in Christ led intercession
  • Cultivate a listening heart in intercession
  • Dialoguing with God and His Word as the norm
  • Intercession as Daily lifestyle, Practice of the Presence of God
  • Scriptures prayed back to God
  • Strategic Intercession for God's Word, His promises, His plans to be brought to fruition in a called-forth way
  • Spiritual Warfare Intercession: Truth encounters
  • Counterpunch Prayers: Intercession which takes the known bondage areas of the UPG and speaks God's Word over those areas
  • Prayers of Repentance on behalf of, standing in the gap for UPG people to be able to hear and respond to God's truth, His Word, His ways
  • Intercession of Redemption/Transformation/Restoration of whole UPGs
  • Intercession of travailing in prayer 
(The above list is not meant to be exhaustive but simply descriptive of ideas to grow in)

One needs to grapple with practical ideas of how to walk this out in the various spheres of influence among the UPGs,  for God's glory. 

Ideas for Extraordinary Prayer for the launch of DMM among UPGs:

Vision Casting for Extraordinary Prayer ideas-
       Create tools: monthly, weekly, broad based GPD (Global Pr*y*er Digest), month long focus,
       Recruit key intercessors for period of breakthrough prayer
       Pray sections of breakthrough prayer from themes of Nehemiah, book of Acts, certain spot in town whereby when you pass you pray for the emphasis on the UPG which the Lord gives,
       Prophetic intercession,
       Strategic intercession
       Lifestyle intercession, use themes
       Prayer walk 2-3 mornings with kids (for those with kids at home), take notes, draw diagram, use with kids for daily prayer time
       Prayer walk with skilled intercessors (ask the Lord where the “strongman” type places are for your UPG), prayer thrust
       Open Pathways for the gospel: open hearts, minds, communities, households, businesses, education, influential ones in society, cousin leaders
       Pray for dreams, visions, supernatural intervention only attributed to Isa
       Character areas of local partners and self