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DMM/CPM: Burning Bush, Talking Donkey

Burning Bush, Talking Donkey

Between the miraculous
and the menial 

Now Moses was tending the flock of Jethro his father-in-law, the priest of Midian, and he led the flock to the far side of the wilderness and came to Horeb, the mountain of God. There the angel of the Lord appeared to him in flames of fire from within a bush. Moses saw that though the bush was on fire it did not burn up. So Moses thought, “I will go over and see this strange sight—why the bush does not burn up.” ...Exodus 3

Then the Lord opened the donkey’s mouth, and it said to Balaam, “What have I done to you to make you beat me these three times?”

In the process of trusting God to launch a DMM among a UPG or elsewhere, one must embrace the reality of the Kingdom reality, of His miracles to exalt His name. Yes, sometimes this process looks and feels pretty messy, but yet, it is highly intentional from the heart of the Father.  

Burning Bush, Talking Donkeys

“He walks. No, he runs!” declared the amazed crowd. The little two year old boy, who had previously lived life scooting around on his behind, had been known to be an impossibility to overcome a type of motor skills dysfunction. Witchdoctors had been sought, to no avail. Breakthrough? Formerly a non-reality, now a witnessed blessing. 

Recently, our local DMM colleague offered to pray in the name of Jesus for His healing touch. Immediately, the Lord touched the little boy.  

Gathered together at this scene of the birth of Jesus celebration, were 50+ people who are now in multiple groups of 1st-4th generations of those who are being facilitated to enjoy frequent encounters with the Word of God. There are now 3 house fellowships from among these folks, who are facilitating the other study groups mentioned. This is just one of many streams we are involved in helping to coach the local coaches involved. Each of our lay local partners are facilitating DBS, along with House Fellowships, in several cases among the SaSumBiBal UPGs in our area of SE Asia. 

As outsiders, we were honored to have been asked to be a part of this celebration. We are coaching the ones who are coaching the inside leaders of these folks. 

Though we see ourselves as player/coach in our personal engagement in the processes of helping to catalyze a DMM among these UPGs, we also take an active role in the need to assess the fruit of those who are seeing multiple generations of Discovery Groups as well as House Fellowships. This helps us to see the scaffolding strengthened in these several streams. 

Nothing is organic about catalyzing a DMM, David Watson has been known to assert. I would agree. However, I find that this thought is even one of those, sometimes seemingly bothersome, yet incredibly freeing, counterintuitives which we also need to be willing to embrace. 

While we desire great dependence upon the Holy Spirit, along with the sufficiency of God's inerrant Word, we see that Jesus was quite intentional in ALL that he modeled and equipped His disciples to be engaged in. We see also, the Apostle Paul as one of many examples, of those who caught this Kingdom reality. In DMM mindset, we attempt to walk out the patterns how Jesus modeled-equipped (assisted)-watched-left with HS empowerment in all. We call this process MAWL. 

For my part in the above mentioned Christ's birth celebration, the indigenous leaders of the beginnings of a DMM invited me to pray over their time together. Before I prayed, I felt prompted to ask the group, “Who among you has experienced the powerful touch of Jesus, either in healing physically, or in others ways?” One-third of the their number raised hands: a former paralytic woman, now healed. A marriage once busted apart, now restored. A witchdoctor, known for her deep connection with Black Magic, now being transformed in Christ. A teenage boy, who once lived life as a cross-dresser, now led the group in this celebration time. A woman, infertile, now laughs at the 2-year-old girl who spins around in the chicken dung-riddled dirt yard nearby the gathering. 

This is just one of the many streams of Discovery Bible Study/Discipleship Groups who are coming to Christ among the Sa/Sum/Bi(Muslims) and then jumping over into the transmigrant Ba (Hindu) population in our area.

Why not anticipate and expect God and His powerful ways among the people to whom each of us is called? Why not trust God for the launch of cascading movements of disciple makers who hear and obey Jesus at His Word? Why not here? Why not now?

DMM: Perseverance

A New Way to be SaSumBi “A locket of hair, a fingernail, and a photo of yourself!” demanded the mass of students who surrounded Nitha’s dorm room. Nitha had come to this Islamic boarding school for an education. On school break back in her home village among another Muslim people group, Nitha and her family members had recently come to follow Jesus through what her friend called a “Discovery Bible Study.” What she received was an opportunity for personal transformation. She returned to her boarding school with a newfound passion for Jesus. Her school friends opposed her when she shared her new faith. And now those same boarding school friends falsely accused her of theft. In their worldview, to discover guilt or innocence was in the hands of the local dukun (shaman). Nitha refused to give them what they demanded. She knew their false accusations, if “confirmed” by the dukun, would result in her public humiliation and a severe beating. “Was this what Jesus went through?” she thought. She chose to surrender her fears to her Lord. Nitha was raised in a household of peace which were transformed into some of the first fruits of house fellowships among the SaSumBi. Hers is a common story of the consequences often faced by those who live in Muslim people groups and trust Christ. Nitha has since returned from college and has been equipped to be part of the local team's effort for the launch of DMMs among the SaSumBi.  Pray for those whom the Holy Spirit is drawing to Christ from among the SaSumBi.  Ask the Lord to give them strength and endurance as they hear and obey Jesus, so that they can withstand persecution and glorify Christ in all. Isaiah 32: 17 The fruit of righteousness will be peace; the effect of righteousness will be quietness and confidence forever. Trust in the Lord develops righteousness that leads to quietness and confidence in the Lord. Today we are reading about a woman who is being threatened and persecuted, yet she is quiet and confident in her Lord and Savior. What a gift He has for the nations if they will only listen to His voice!  God brings a movement...Pray for 4 generations x 4 streams of household fellowships of 1,000 baptized disciplemakers from among the SaSumBi. Ask God to strengthen their trust in the One who takes away our fears and replaces them with quietness and confidence.

DMM/CPM: Casting Vision, Scattering Pearls

Casting Vision, Scattering Pearls

Recently, my husband and I were asked to facilitate a CPM Exposure, with DMM emphasis, to another missions organization**** **** International Leadership.

The risk of facilitating a CPM Exposure, as they requested, could be compared to obtaining enough controlled exposure to a disease which makes one immune to its affect.

In some sense, we felt akin to the Rodney Dangerfields of the CPM world, or perhaps better put…we saw ourselves as the “expendable crewmen” as in a Star Trek episode. (You know, the ones who were beamed down to the unknown alien territory but were not going to make it out alive!)

And yes, this particular missions agency international leaders were on the whole,  antagonistic. Their comments were rude at times, as they communicated a level of stubbornness as they clung to their “16 years to plant the average non-reproducing traditional church” traditional approach. Thankfully, their International Director was leading the way in trying to move the org to the biblical paradigm of CPM.

We had been prompted by him on a lengthy Skype call prior to our coming to meet with their 80 or so field/regional leaders, mostly over the age of 55 years with an average of 30 years field experience each. Most were male, excepting about 20 or so women. (Most women present were in the capacity of wives, some engaged, some not so much). I met two Team Leaders who were women over women. We were given 80 minute sessions, first in the morning, over a 4 day time frame, to present CPM exposure. We had them do some of the key DBS lessons. We also addressed their objections they carried: Is CPM heretical? What about women in leadership? How can the lost lead? The CPM numbers are exaggerated? We don’t like CPM people we have met? How could this be a healthy church? What about teaching gifting? How could un-qualified (non-theologically trained) people lead these movements?  Doesn’t it take four years+ to train a national to become worthy? Surely this is a fad?

I also met with their key international women's ministry director.(At least they had this in place and that could be good). I spent time just to listen to her passion and vision. She asked how she could lead the women under her in order to become more effective. I walked her through a coaching pattern of discovery style of where she sees the End Vision of what a women on the field in their org will ideally be engaged in as a servant. I asked her about the dreamed of 4th generation indigenous women/households in these UPG areas and what they would look like as followers of Jesus? I then asked her plan of how she would coach them to be that? In their present approach? I then shared with her the 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 leadership training of CPM for everyone, from expat to the field indigenous women, to the potential multiplying women. I asked her what approach she presently engaged in order to reproduce field women who are all-in, all engaged, incorporating their various phases of life but intentional in basic 101 of reproducing disciple-making ways that could help with the launch of a CPM. She was riveted upon her present approach of member caring the women, first at a regional level women, then, hoping that would trickle down. However, when I asked her to consider equipping women in her org in the competence (MEWL-MAWL) piece of what Jesus modeled, she was messed with. Hopefully, in good ways. 

Interesting side note, after we had facilitated the DBS First Steps Lesson on What is Church?, the U.S. Director of their org gave an update as a wrap up to the week. In his statements, he recounted that he and the Board of Directors had spent the last year’s time studying the topic What is the Church? He posted on the power point the essential biblical elements their leadership board had found in their year’s worth process of parsing Greek words. The same exact list, which we had just “discovered” from the DBS on What is Church, is what he posted up front. That required a high level of humility for him to basically say, “Here, because of our present paradigm of how we approach what we do, we took a year to hash this around, when, just now in a 1 hour DBS “discovery” of truths in Scripture, we all came up with the same list, together.”

At the end of the week, after my husband and I tag teamed facilitating the times together, we each gave a concluding challenge. Spencer gave the challenge for all in the org and I gave the challenge for the org to make sure that the “boat load” of funding from the “CPM/DMM” minded foundation, which is funding them to set up 5 Regional DMM Trainings in the next year, also prioritizes “vetted child care” so that women get firsthand equipping at these trainings. We also challenged them to ALL come to the DMM trainings and wrestle with Scripture firsthand rather than being an untrained naysayer. (Though we communicated this aspect in softer words) 

They gave us feedback recently and it will be part of their trainings to set up child care, so as to make the norm for women to get the training firsthand.

So, “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!”, comes to mind here. It is really that simple, at times, to shift paradigms with some initial practical norms which have yet to be challenged largely in the global missions community. “Times, they are a-changing!”. And still, the ethne Persons of Peace and their households are waiting to be found!

May the Lord increase the fold of laborers who choose the hard places. And may the Holy Spirit increase those who are willing to be willing to choose to die to old patterns of doing what we want to do rather than what needs to be done, as well as those who choose to trust the HS to reproduce the simple patterns of Jesus.

DMM: Letters From Afar

Letters from Afar

Persons of Peace want to be found (Luke 10, Matthew 10)

Part of what we are engaged in is to coach as many other workers, both expat and local partners, as we can in the process of what it is to implement Disciple-Making Movements (DMM).

 A couple who serve in India came to our island to spend a few days implementing DMM together, as we model here.

Amie and I walked along the beach as we prayed and trusted the Holy Spirit to lead us to those whom God would prepare to open their households. As the men (our husbands) played in the sand with the children, we strolled and trusted. This day, we would go out in a tag teaming way: us two women, then the men. (Luke 10, Matthew 10).

Bu Nima is a grandmother who comes to the beach each day in search of customers for her massage/manicure/pedicure business. We sat with her and chatted as we went through the usual introductions. Her two friends and their children joined in the fun.

At one point, I transitioned to mention that both my friend and I are followers of Isa Al Masih. To which these women responded by assuming that meant we were Muslims. We clarified that we are not but “Isn’t it wonderful to know that Allah is in search throughout the earth to seek those whose hearts are truly wanting to be His. Are you ladies some of those whom Allah is drawing to Himself?”

They nodded in curious agreement.

I then mentioned that my friend has a message from Allah and could she share that with them?

Again, they nodded with a bit of a suspicious squint in their eyes.

Amie asked if she could share a story which reflects the heart of those who long to truly follow Allah. She began…
There once was a little girl who longed to be with her father. Yet, at a young age, her father went abroad on business. The little girl waited day after day for any word possible from her dad. Years passed, still no word. Finally, the now grown woman received four letters all at once on the same day.

My friend Amie then asked the women, “Which of the four letters do you think the woman chose to read? If you were her, would you read just the last one or would you read all four?”

Bu Nima muddled over this perplexing question. Her friends expressed various answers. But, it was Nima who began to understand  what was being asked.

Finally, she answered, “If I truly want to know the heart of my father, then I would want to read every word written in all four letters.”

At this point, we shared that in their book it teaches in Sura 4:126 that they are instructed to read what they consider to be the four holy books. The Koran, the Taurat, Zabur, and Injil (books of Moses, Psalms, and gospels).

I then asked Bu Nima when she and her household could get together to study the stories of the prophets from these other books?

To be intentional is really to simply walk out what it is to live a Shema lifestyle (Deuteronomy 6:4-11). To be kingdom of God purposeful is to be closely aligned with the heart and purposes of our beloved Saviour and Lord, Isa Al Masih.

Pray for the follow-up time with Bu Nima, as I bring a national partner with me as we facilitate the first prophet story of Adam, in our 10 OT Discovery Bible Study stories, then the 14 NT stories on Isa Al Masih.

DMM: Reproduce Disciple makers

Reproduce Disciple Makers

Kersen* grew up as a Muslim but became a follower of Jesus. After being equipped in Disciple Making Movements, he was learning another on-ramp approach to finding Persons of Peace. He was equipped in how to use verses from the Qu’ran to talk about Jesus. He prayed and asked the Lord to lead him and his friend to those in his community whom the Holy Spirit is drawing to himself. He found his high school friend, Ajij*, to share what he had just learned.


Then they transitioned to studying about Jesus and the prophets, using the *8 Discovery Bible Study questions, while expecting they each reproduce and start other groups. As they were studying, God began to open Ajij's heart, and he was drawn to Jesus. Ajij started sharing what he was learning with his wife.


“You can't study those stories,” she said. “Those are stories from the Injil (The New Testament), and that book has been corrupted.”


Ajij mentioned this to Kersen. Using verses from the Qu’ran, Kersen showed that the Injil had not been corrupted. Because he continued studying about Jesus, Ajij’s wife thought seriously about divorcing her husband. But she began to realize that Ajij was becoming a kind man.


He took care of her and led her. “Why would I divorce a man like this?” she thought. So she began to be open to the stories about Jesus. 


Before long, Ajij and his wife came to faith and were baptized.


They shared the Good News with their parents. To date, three of their parents have come to faith in Jesus Christ. They have a house church that meets together.

*8 Discovery Bible Study (DBS) Questions to be used in Discovery Groups


1. What are you thankful for? 

2. What are your unique challenges?

3. Retell last story. How did you apply/obey the last story? 

4. Read next story from the Word 2x out loud together.   Retell story, verses in own words as a group 2x.  

5. What does this story/verses tell us about God? Jesus? Holy Spirit? 

6. What does this story/verses tell us about man?  

7. What do you feel impressed to obey from these verses? “I will…”, When? (For non-believers use “What do you feel impressed to obey/apply from these verses? ‘I will…

8. Who else and their household/affinity group will you tell this story to? When?  

DMM: Word of God Foundation, Holy Spirit Dependence


God our Source: 

His Word, our Foundation, His Spirit, our Fountain 

A given…God wants us to discover truth through His Word.  He gives us all the directions we need in order to do His work.  By following the Holy Spirit’s nudges and leading, we are invited to partner with Him in the extraordinary task of making disciples who make disciples in this world. The launch of cascading movements to Christ is predicated upon the efficacy, authority, inerrancy, and supremacy of God’s Word in partnership with deep reliance upon the power of the Holy Spirit.


God wants us to discover His truth from the Foundation found in the Word. (both seekers and new believers).


Rather than being told what the passage says, in the process of Discovery Bible Study, the group/household learns to dig deep and to discover the richness in the Word of God.


Even pre-believers can discover truth from the Word.                       


Landscaped with the Word, Transformed by the Spirit 


Fatima, Muliati, and Amina squirmed excitedly, as they eagerly awaited the arrival of our local partner, Anna. They had compared their stories of obedience with one another while they awaited her arrival for their next Prophet Story from the Old Testament. 

Each of these Muslim women had come into contact with Anna, as Anna was facilitating a literacy program. 


I had been training Anna in looking for Women of Peace, as laid out in Matthew 10, Luke 10. She and I had gone out together looking for those whom God was preparing to open their respective households/and/or affinity groups in order to discuss the Straight and True Way of Allah.  


To model, assist, watch, and continue to coach Anna is a sheer joy. God provided five Women of Peace for Anna. She began to model, to assist, and to coach/watch for these women to take the Prophet Stories, one by one, back to their households and do likewise.


Sample List of DBS stories from Old Testament/New Testament

Creation to Christ STORY LIST






Rebellion in God’s creation

Gn 2:4–5,7–8,15–18,21–22,25; 3:1–21


Noah and his family saved

Gn 6:5–8,13–14; 7:1–5,17,19,23; 8:1–3,15–21


God calls Abraham and delivers Lot

Gn 12:1–5; 17:9–11; 18:1,17–20; 19:1–17,24–26,29


Ishmael and Isaac born, and promise

to Ishmael

Gn 16:1–11,13,15; 21:1–4,8–21


Burnt offerings: Abraham and Job

Jb 1:1–5; Gn 22:1–18


Moses’ commissioning, Passover,

and Bronze Serpent

Ex 3:1–8,10; 11:1,4–6; 12:21–23,28–33; Nm 21:4–9; Dt 6:1,4–5,13–15


David: King, warrior, and author

of Psalms

1 Chr 21:1–2,5,7–19,21–27;

Ps 51:3–17


Jonah: Prophet who fled from God

Jon 1:1–3:3


Cleansing through the shedding of blood

Jb 25:2–6; Heb 9:22; Lv 17:11; 4:29–31; Gn 3:21; 8:18–20; 22:10–14; Jb 1:4–5; Ex 12:21–23,28–30; 1 Chr 21:26; 2 Chr 7:4–5


The Prophet born of a virgin

Is 7:14; 49:6; 52:13–53:12; 61:1–2; Dt 18:17–19



1 Sm 1:1–2:11












Birth of Jesus Christ

Lk 1:26–31,38; Mt 1:18–25; Lk 2:1–22


Power of Jesus over nature

Mk 4:35–41; 6:30–52


Power of Jesus over evil spirits

Mk 9:17–29; Lk 4:31–37


Power of Jesus over illness

Mk 5:21–42; Jn 4:46–53; Mt 15:29–31


Power of Jesus to forgive sins

Lk 5:18–26; Jn 8:2–12



Power of Jesus to help the poor and defend the weak

Mk 12:41–44; Mt 8:20; 23:23–28; Mk 11:15–18; 12:28–34; Mt 9:36; 14:14; 20:34; Mk 1:40–42


Ministry of Jesus Christ: give life

Jn 11:11–15,17,20–26,38–44


Ministry of Jesus Christ: teach truth

Mk 7:14–23; Lk 15:11–24; Mt 5:43–46; 6:5–7; 7:24–29


Ministry of Jesus Christ: illustrated through His names

Mt 11:28–30; Lk 2:10–14; 7:11–16; Jn 1:29; 3:2; 6:35; 10:9–11; 12:46–48; 15:14; 16:33; Acts 4:12; Jn 18:36–37; 2 Thes 1:6–10


Death of Jesus Christ


Lk 22:47–54,63–65; Mt 27:1–2,11–14,22–25,27–31; Lk 23:32–34,39–47; Mt 27:57–66


Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus Christ

Mt 28:1–8; Lk 24:13–35; Jn 20:24–31; Acts 1:3,8–11


Blood of Jesus Christ cleanses man from sin

Heb 9:22; Lv 17:11; Heb 5:1–3; 2:17; 4:15; 7:26–27; Mt 26:28; Heb 9:26; 10:10; 1 Peter 3:18; Heb 13:12; 2:9; Rom 6:23; Heb 2:14; 5:9; 7:25; 10:29–31


Jesus Christ as the mediator

1 Tm 2:4–6; Eph 1:7; Rom 3:23–26; 5:1,6,8–11; 2 Cor 5:18–21; 1 Jn 2:2; Col 1:20; Rv 1:5; Acts 17:30–31; Heb 9:27–28; Jn 14:3–6


Three responses to Jesus Christ

Jn 9:1–7,17–34; Heb 9:22; Lv 17:11; Jn 1:29; Heb 7:26; 10:10; Acts 17:30–31; Heb 9:28; Rom 5:8–9; Acts 4:12; Rom 10:9–10



Fatima, Muliati, and Amina had all shared of their recent dreams and visions, which they knew were from Allah. 


“Forgive your husband,” Fatima recalled the Prophet Isa Al Masih telling her in her dream.


“What you are studying with Anna is My Truth,” Muliati relayed as she ascribed Isa Al Masih instructing her in her dream.


“Isa pulled me to Himself and hugged me!,” exclaimed Amina. 


All eyes were riveted upon the Word of God, for their next instructions in how to live. The next Prophet Story which Anna had them practice facilitating in this coaching group…the Prophet Jonah. 


A few weeks later, after finishing the last story in the Isa Al Masih set, all five of the women were asked which of the people in the story best represented their hearts before Allah.


They each made a clear profession of followership to Christ. 


After cross-checking with another laborer, their salvation stories rang clear, of their choice to follow the way of Isa Al Masih (Jesus). 


Soon thereafter, Anna helped them to discover in Scripture the role of outward obedience in baptism as a demonstration of inward followership of Jesus. Anna baptized them in an irrigation canal at a nearby rice field.


Each of their households were using the same pattern of 8 simple Discovery questions, and engaging in the same group discovery process. At that time, they ran through to the beginnings of a 3rd generation of Discovery Groups being transformed into house fellowships. 


One strategic piece for coaching these forming house fellowships is to equip the women facilitators to engage their men in the process. 


In the cases where we have Women of Peace as the starting point contact for the households/affinity groups in a DBS, we are highly intentional. In the desire to see their men become the leaders of these households we simply train the women to ask help in a natural, yet honoring way from their men. “Oh husband, thank you for your desire to lead us spiritually as a household. Would you be able to ask us what we are all thankful for?” Then, the women are trained to affirm the men all the way through the DBS 8 questions. When there are Women of Peace as the starting point for gathering the household, it is a very simple, and at times, messy process to see men move into a facilitator role for their households. As they engage in the Word and are transformed into followers of Christ by the Holy Spirit’s work, the potential to see the launch of a movement can be a more balanced effort. 


The given? God’s Spirit moves, the Word of God speaks, man is compelled to discern which way to follow. We, as laborers, simply partner with God’s Spirit to call others forth into Jesus as the only straight and true way. The fruit which reproduces? God is the one who brings the cascading movements to Christ of those households whom He draws in a hear and obey Jesus way. Eternal destiny game changers? In the hands of an awesome God.